Boot Removal



A parking scofflaw is any violator who accumulates at least four outstanding parking tickets (i.e., tickets that are unpaid at least 16 days after the ticket issuance date).

The Parking Division’s boot crews are authorized to immobilize (apply a booting device to) any vehicle that is on the current Parking Scofflaw File. Once a vehicle has been immobilized, it is subject to immediate tow. The City uses City-owned and contracted tow trucks to tow tow-eligible vehicles.

Vehicles towed by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police: The St. Louis Metropolitan Police are authorized to initiate the tow of any vehicles on the current Parking Scofflaw File; the Police do not utilize a booting process.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed for any reason other than outstanding parking tickets, please contact the City’s Towing Division.


Payment Due at the Parking Violations Bureau:

  • Pay in full all outstanding parking ticket fines and late payment penalties
  • Boot Fee $50

Parking Violations Bureau Office
229 North 7th Street (between Olive and Pine Streets)
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 450-2830 or 1 (800) 611-3009

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Payment Due at the Storage Facility:

  • All towing and storage fees

Parking Violations Bureau

(314) 450-2830

229 North 7th Street
St. Louis, Mo 63101

Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Contact the Parking Violations Bureau


Boot Removal:

After a vehicle has been immobilized, and until it has been towed, a motorist may have the boot removed once the Parking Division has received adequate proof that all outstanding fines and fees for the booted vehicle have been paid. For the purpose of boot removal, a Payment Receipt from Parking Violations Bureau or a Dismissal Form from PVB shall constitute proof of payment.

This option is not available once the vehicle has been towed.

Vehicle release procedure:

In order to recover your vehicle from the storage facility.

  • Pay the full amount due at Parking Violations Bureau(including all outstanding parking ticket fines, late payment penalties, and boot fees).

At the vehicle storage facility:

  • Must pay all towing and storage fees and present a copy of the Vehicle Release Formvehicle registration (or computer verification) and motorist identification (i.e., driver’s license).

What To Expect

Parking Violations Bureau will provide the violator with a Vehicle Release Form and the location of the towed vehicle.The Vehicle Release Form will specify the deadline for reclaiming the vehicle without incurring added liabilities.

Additional Information

Unclaimed vehicles: Any vehicles left at the City’s tow or storage facilities and not claimed for at least thirty (30) days are sold at public auction.

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