Registration Instructions.

Permit Registration is for designated areas only. Permit parking is not open for everyone. Please check your address to make sure that you are indeed addressed in the area you would like to register to park in.

Boundary View PDF

Central West End

  • 43xx Forest Park, 43xx Laclede, 44XX Laclede,
    10-23 Manhattan Mews, 21-35 N. Newstead
  • 49XX Buckingham Ct., 49xx Laclede, N. Court,
    4-20 Kingshighway

Forest Park Southeast

  • 45xx Chouteau, 42xx Gibson, 44xx Gibson, 45xx Gibson,
    11xx Kentucky, 9xx Talmage, 11xx Talmage, 11xx S. Taylor,
    45xx Wichita
  • 44xx Chouteau, 43xx Chouteau-south side only
  • 44xx Chouteau, 43xx Chouteau-north side only

If your address is not within the boundaries of the addresses listed you are not eligible for this program.

Missing Address Form

If your address does not appear in the list when you attempt to register and you believe it should be there please let us research the address and get it added to our system.


Supporting Documentation needed

If you are contacted about missing supporting documents please submit them using this form. Thanks