Who Is Park Louie?

ParkLouie is a private-public partnership designed to “move you forward.” A few of our goals are to:

  • Transform the Customer Experience by Making it Easier to Find and Pay for Parking
  • Optimize Operations and Managing Data
  • Improve Sustainability through Demand Management, Driving Alternatives, and Green Technology.

City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office

Treasurer Adam L. Layne serves as the Supervisor of Parking and Chairman of the Parking Commission. Treasurer Layne was appointed in April of 2021 to succeed the former Treasurer, Tishaura O. Jones, after winning a historic election as St. Louis’ first female Black Mayor. One of his most notable efforts include his leadership and launch of the Parking and Towing Assistance Program (PTAP), a program that creates payment plans for St. Louisans with multiple fines, allowing them to freeze their fees, pay off their balances in smaller amounts, and climb out from under the financial burden without getting their cars booted or towed. Treasurer Layne looks forward to serving the St. Louis area.

Our Partners